Sunday, 3 November 2013

Charlie Horse: four months on

Charlie has been busy over the past four weeks, settling into his new home. The place we were at quickly became unsuitable for his needs. We had use of an outdoor arena but this was small and Charlie, being large and young found it hard to do certain thing like canter, because he was always running out of space and having to turn. Anyone with a young horse will know they need a lot of space to turn until they develop and get better coordinated and balanced.

So we found a place with not one, not two, but three arenas. Two large outdoor ones and one large indoor one. Perfect for Charlie.

Now he can get on with training even in poor weather. 

Charlie has been developing his confidence out hacking and was starting to become more confident on busy roads. That was a double edged  sword because the roads where he lived really were congested and dangerous, being close to shops and an airport. Now Charlie can go for literally miles without bother of traffic.

On our first walk around the fields we laughed at this notice. At our previous yard the horses were often being worried by loose dogs in the fields. It bothered some horse owners more than others possibly depending on personal affinity or otherwise with dogs. Now we have an area where you can ride without fear a dog will appear from nowhere.

And so, although I really liked our previous yard and we had been there for quite a number of years, this was a good move for Charlie horse and had to be done, to give him the best start.

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