Monday, 12 August 2013

Two months on...

Four year old Charlie's training: 

Charlie has been learning so much over the past, wow, nearly eight weeks. 

He has a long list of 'firsts' including having a rug on, a fly mask, learning how to go over and between things. He has been walking out to view the local area and get used to tracks, roads and activity around him.

Charlie's day to day adventures and photos tracking his training appear on Facebook on his page

Here on this blog is more detailed information about useful ideas and sources of information that have already helped during Charlie's training.

One nugget of information came from David Archer, a cowboy from the US who has videos on just about every aspect of horse training.

When Charlie first arrived he was quite on his toes and in a rush to do things. I didn't want to fall into a trap of thinking, well, that's his breeding. I needed to find a way to give him permission to relax more. In this video David Archer is quite critical of horse owners who seem to allow the horse to prance and dance about the place. Almost as though this is what these horses are supposed to do.

David shows how to ask the horse to simply w a l k and slow down.

I tried this approach with Charlie and his attitude changed and stayed changed. Now we have a more comfortable communication and things happen in a calm and controlled way.

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