Wednesday, 24 July 2013

New Beginnings with Charlie Horse

Charlie Horse

Those of you familiar with my blog will know that for many years my daughter and I had a lovely Fell Pony. He was the inspiration behind making bracelets and necklaces out of tail hair. He taught us so much and he led us to explore the world of natural horsemanship many years ago.

Our lovely Drifter was put to sleep in June 2013 and we realised we had to look for another horse.

Charlie was not the first horse we saw and when we travelled to see him in Lincolnshire, England, we were fairly down and wondering if looking it this horse was worth our while. You will know, if you have had to say goodbye to a horse, how painful that is. It takes time to get over it.

We arrived and Charlie had an immediate presence about him. We 'played' with him and spoke to him and he was very happy to be with us. He is a four year old warmblood x draft by Jessop Lovely Boy, who was described as a blank canvass. He had been cared for by Paula and her husband and they had done a good job of helping Charlie to like being around people and enjoy being handled, although he had done little beyond basic handling. And so Charlie was to be our new horse. Destined to have a natural horse training and upbringing and hopefully a home for life.

We hope Charlie will turn out so be a good all round riding horse. He could excel competition but that is not our aim. We want a really healthy, happy, well trained horse to enjoy.

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